BokJinpa 2

This course is about how to see emptiness directly and presents the highest view of ultimate reality in the Buddhist system (Madhyamika Prasangika).

The teachings and readings are from two great books on meditation: Bhavana Krama by Master Kamilashila (750AD) and The King of Concentration Sutra by Lord Buddha (500 BC) as commented on by Je Tsongkapa, founder of the lineage of the Dalai Lama.


Readings and Homeworks Classes 1 - 4
Readings and Homeworks Classes 5 -9

BokJinpa I is a necessary foundation. Listen to audio by clicking on May 2009.

These teachings are possible through the kindness of our Holy Lamas James Connor and Lisette Garcia.

Class One Meditation
Class Two Meditation
Class Three Meditation
Class Four Meditation
Class Five Meditation
Class Six Meditation
Class Seven Meditation
Class Eight Meditation
Class Nine Meditation

Nine Stages of Meditation
Nine Stages in Detail

Your daily meditation journals:

Meditate for 30 minutes total. 15 minutes on each meditation. Each meditation each day.
Write down:

  1. Topic.
  2. The meditation time and session length.
  3. What % did you feel you were on the object or note how many times your mind left the object.
  4. The quality of your mind during meditation. (For example: Great intensity. Scattered. The meditation object appeared dull).
  5. Something you learned. Simple or profound realization. Short, so you are more likely to do it.
  6. Resolution about what to do next time you meditate.

Write after you have finished your session so its fresh, and of course, not during!

Meditation Class 7, 8, and 9

Class Nine Meditation

  • Picture the outline of your body’s physical form.
  • Then try to catch the mental image.
  • Go around to the different parts of your body and understand that through your sense of feeling you could never feel more than one part at a time which the mind then glues together to form a body.
  • Our own body is just like the table. The mind is creating it.
  • Hold on to the mental image that your mind creates of it.
  • See if you can drop the mental image of the body and check to see if there is another one – besides the image – out there.
  • See it as coming from the mind.
  • Seems like there is something making the image – the projector.
  • The projector as a solid fixed thing that is thinking of our mind as self existent.
  • Then think about what MK was telling us.
  • If there is no body out there. If there is no object there can be no subject state of mind.
  • This idea that something is controlling the images – the projector – the subject state of mind, is just something that is ripening for us moment to moment.
  • Get the feeling in your mind of how the mental images are coming and going.
  • With no one to boss them around they just ripen and go out of existence every moment.
  • The experiencing.
  • Try to find the highest understanding you have of that and then hold your mind on that.
  • Take that understanding that you found and see if that is also just a moment to moment ripening of a mental image.
  • Does that understanding that you found exist in truth?

Class Eight Meditation

  • Focus on your breath
  • Now see your Lama in front of you.
  • Think about all the work you’ve done these last four weeks.
  • Make an offering to them - especially your efforts to come to a higher understanding of emptiness.
  • They are incredibly happy with you.
  • They rise up to the top of your head and melt down into you and become part of you.
  • Now picture your body as hollow. No organs, no insides, just crystal colored light. Fill every crevice. Go down from the top catching all the little details.
  • Along the way you can think about how it would be possible to have this body.
  • It and the one you have now are made of the same stuff.
  • Now picture a hollow tube about the size of a soda straw coming up where your backbone used to be all the way up to the top of your head.
  • It stretches up to the polestar, down to the center of the earth.
  • It’s ruby colored.
  • Now bring your attention into the tube where your heart used to be. Your thoughts flow by within the tube. Watch them float by.
  • Try to feel it.
  • Try to move your mind inside the tube so that it’s as if this tube becomes your body and everything else is just outside.
  • If you lose it and feel there is an outer body, wrap the outer body around the tube and become the tube again.
  • There is no other body besides it.
  • Whatever movement there is is all within the tube.
  • If you lose feeling of the tube go deep within again.
  • Now bring yourself outside that tube and see if there is any other body outside that tube.
  • Like a new body you are this body of light.
  • All the wisdom you have gained in this course. All the compassion that has grown in you makes the light body brighter.
  • Out of your pores comes this radiant light.
  • You are like the sun. Your rays touch every being and fill them with understanding of emptiness.
  • Now pull all of those light rays into your heart.
  • Dedicate everything you have done in this class, all your effort, to seeing emptiness directly.

Class Seven First Meditation
Peeling away the layers of 'me':

  • If someone were to ask you who are you how would you define yourself?
  • Try to use as many nouns as you can.
  • Maybe you’re seeing that it often depends on who you’re speaking to and what the situation is. That you’re a little different in each one.
  • Now take these collection of images that you have of yourself and see if you can start pulling them away like the skin of an onion.
  • If you kept pulling away these identities what would be the core you?
  • Is there anything about you that doesn’t have to do with the outside?
  • With how people think about you, about things you do?
  • What if you gave yourself a different name, a different body, a different memory?
  • Would you still be you? END MED.
Class Seven Second Meditation
Using the Ajna Chakra to get to a single point:
  • Remember who you’re doing this for.
  • You have to reach a place of stillness and see emptiness directly to end suffering in your world.
  • Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth and feel the bump there.
  • Draw a straight line up from there.
  • Then go to the place between your eyebrows and draw a straight line back.
  • At the place where those two lines intersect see a point of light.
  • This is your ajna chakra. See that light as the source of your breath.
  • The light is like the moon and your breath is like the tide.
  • If you lose the light find it again and place your mind there.
  • The light dims and brightens.
  • Don’t try to control the breath, let it naturally flow like the tide.