BokJinpa 2

This course is about how to see emptiness directly and presents the highest view of ultimate reality in the Buddhist system (Madhyamika Prasangika).

The teachings and readings are from two great books on meditation: Bhavana Krama by Master Kamilashila (750AD) and The King of Concentration Sutra by Lord Buddha (500 BC) as commented on by Je Tsongkapa, founder of the lineage of the Dalai Lama.


Readings and Homeworks Classes 1 - 4
Readings and Homeworks Classes 5 -9

BokJinpa I is a necessary foundation. Listen to audio by clicking on May 2009.

These teachings are possible through the kindness of our Holy Lamas James Connor and Lisette Garcia.

Class One Meditation
Class Two Meditation
Class Three Meditation
Class Four Meditation
Class Five Meditation
Class Six Meditation
Class Seven Meditation
Class Eight Meditation
Class Nine Meditation

Nine Stages of Meditation
Nine Stages in Detail

Your daily meditation journals:

Meditate for 30 minutes total. 15 minutes on each meditation. Each meditation each day.
Write down:

  1. Topic.
  2. The meditation time and session length.
  3. What % did you feel you were on the object or note how many times your mind left the object.
  4. The quality of your mind during meditation. (For example: Great intensity. Scattered. The meditation object appeared dull).
  5. Something you learned. Simple or profound realization. Short, so you are more likely to do it.
  6. Resolution about what to do next time you meditate.

Write after you have finished your session so its fresh, and of course, not during!